Turning a Pickleball Hobby into a Successful Business: How Darden is Supporting Their Next Steps

Jamison and Collins, the founders of a successful business that offers personalized pickleball paddles, are leveraging Darden’s resources to facilitate their company’s growth. The institution’s reputation for providing excellent resources and a supportive network has attracted them to pursue their entrepreneurial goals. Jamison specifically praises Darden’s curriculum and the generosity of its professors, including Jim Zuffoletti, who provided invaluable mentorship throughout her business journey.

Collins also highlights Zuffoletti’s guidance on various aspects of business development, such as fundraising and sales strategies. She emphasizes the professor’s willingness to invest time in her success and acknowledges the importance of relationships and networking in the venture capital industry.

Looking forward, both Jamison and Collins are excited to gain more insights at Darden alumni serve as panelists at the upcoming Venture Capital Conference. They recognize that building connections with fellow alumni can be crucial for advancing careers in the industry and securing capital for business growth. The shared experience fosters a sense of camaraderie and understanding among entrepreneurs seeking funding from venture capitalists.

In conclusion, Jamison and Collins have found that incorporating pickleball events into wedding celebrations is a growing trend. Additionally, companies are increasingly encouraging employee participation in active pursuits like pickleball by offering personalized paddles. As they continue to grow their business through partnerships with institutions like Darden, they hope to inspire others to pursue their entrepreneurial dreams while also promoting physical activity.

By Riley Johnson

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