A promising drug that may halt Alzheimer’s: Standing by his side

A new study conducted at the University College London School of Pharmacy has found a connection between the use of drugs for erectile dysfunction and a lower risk of dementia. The research, which lasted over five years and included almost 270,000 men with an average age of 58 years who were diagnosed with erectile dysfunction, did not suffer from cognitive problems at the beginning of the study.

The findings showed that among men who were treated with drugs for erectile dysfunction, the rate of dementia cases was 120% lower compared to those who were not treated with drugs. Those who received the most medication prescriptions, that is, took a larger amount of the medication per month in the correct dose, were at the most reduced risk of dementia. However, the researchers explained that the findings do not show that the drugs themselves reduce the risk of dementia but may mark a new research direction in which the mechanisms of dementia and possible effect of blood vessel-dilating drugs on brain will be examined.

Dr. Kobi Reisman, a specialist in urology and sexual therapy and director of European Academy of Sexual Medicine, explains that previous laboratory studies have shown that these medications such as Viagra have a role in blocking inflammatory processes and deposits in brain that cause Alzheimer’s disease. These medications also have antioxidant activity which has positive effects on blood vessels. Dr. Reisman emphasizes that Viagra and similar medications are not a treatment for Alzheimer’s disease but this study highlights potential for further research into this area. He also mentions that there is already evidence linking erectile dysfunction to heart disease among about 70% men within five years after diagnosis.

In conclusion, while this study does not prove that these medications reduce the risk of dementia directly, it highlights potential areas for further research into how blood vessel-dilating drugs may affect brain health and potentially prevent or slow down conditions like Alzheimer’s disease. However, it is clear today that there is a connection between erectile dysfunction and overall human health, with implications for conditions such as heart disease.

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