MDR: Utilizing AI for Threat Actors and End-Users amidst Shrinking Cyber Teams

The three-day ESET World summit in Bratislava brought together channel partners to discuss various topics, including margin and recent vendor announcements. Key discussions during the event focused on emerging trends in threat intelligence, Managed Detection and Response (MDR), the impact of deepfakes and AI-generated ransomware, and ESET’s AI advisor tool.

ESET is relying heavily on its channel partners to bring these developments to market as it transitions towards subscription or services models. Technical speakers from ESET emphasized the importance of MDR as a crucial line of defense against cybercrime. They also highlighted emerging threats such as deepfakes, state and non-state actors, and the increasing use of AI by cybercriminals to enable ransomware attacks. Cyber insurance was also a key topic, driving end-user firms to reassess their cybersecurity posture and invest in comprehensive security solutions.

CRN spoke with two of ESET’s UK partners, Millgate and Grey Matter, to gather their perspectives on the discussions and announcements at the event. Millgate emphasized the importance of MDR for businesses looking to protect themselves from cyber threats. They also highlighted the growing use of deepfakes as a new form of attack that could be used to steal sensitive data or blackmail individuals. Grey Matter, on the other hand, stressed the need for organizations to adopt a holistic approach to security that includes both technical solutions and employee training programs. They also discussed the potential benefits of ESET’s AI advisor tool in helping businesses identify potential threats before they become major issues.

In conclusion, ESET’s channel partners are playing a vital role in bringing these developments to market as ESET transitions towards subscription or services models. The rise in emerging threats such as deepfakes and state/non-state actors highlights the need for businesses to adopt a comprehensive approach to security that includes technical solutions like MDR as well as employee training programs.

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