The Colorado High School Activities Association (CHSAA) has announced its preseason coaches polls for the winter season. These polls will be the only coaches polls released for boys and girls basketball and ice hockey, as CHSAA will focus on publicizing its Seedings Index as rankings.

MaxPreps will also compile individual rankings for swimming & diving, while On The Mat will provide wrestling rankings this year. The CHSAA Seeding Index is the main factor used to determine qualification and postseason seedings for all team sports in Colorado. Unlike coaches polls, these rankings can be updated hourly, giving teams, coaches, schools, and fans a better understanding of where a team ranks throughout the season, especially in the lead up to the postseason.

To qualify for the CHSAA Postseason Seeding Index, teams must meet a minimum number of games played. Games and minimums are determined by MaxPreps and vary by sport and time of the season. With that, the Seedings Index will not be available at the start of every season. The rankings will be published once teams get deeper into their seasons (approximately 3-5 weeks into a particular season).

All live data can be found on the CHSAA Selection & Seeding Index website. Learn more about official RPI calculations on the RPI FAQs page and view where teams rank on the RPI Standings website. A schedule of upcoming games and past scores can be found on the Scoreboard page.

The CHSAA Preseason Coaches Polls are an important tool for fans to follow their favorite teams’ progress leading up to the postseason. By focusing on publicizing its Seedings Index as rankings instead of coaches polls, CHSAA is providing a more accurate representation of where teams stand throughout their seasons.

Overall, these preseason polls mark an important milestone in preparing for what promises to be an exciting winter season in Colorado high school sports.

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