Ferrari partners with SK Innovation to advance battery technology

Ferrari S.p.A. has partnered with SK On Co., the world’s fifth-largest electric vehicle battery producer, to collaborate on cell technology innovation. This partnership will help Ferrari as they plan to launch their first fully electric vehicle next year. The two companies signed a memorandum of understanding to share expertise and increase cooperation in battery cell technology to drive global innovation.

Media reports suggest that Ferrari will introduce its first electric vehicle in the final quarter of 2025. They are also set to open a new plant in Maranello, Italy, in June to manufacture electric motors, battery packs, and power inverters. SK On President & CEO Lee Seok-Hee expressed excitement about joining Ferrari’s journey to electrification, committing to supporting the luxury sports car maker.

Ferrari announced last August that by 2026, roughly 60% of their lineup will consist of fully electric and hybrid cars. SK On is currently the sole battery supplier for Ferrari’s plug-in hybrid electric vehicles (PHEVs). The South Korean company has been supplying cells for Ferrari models like the SF90 Stradale, SF90 Spider, 296 GTB, and 296 GTS. The limited-edition models SF90 XX Stradale and SF90 XX Spider from last year are also equipped with batteries supplied by SK On.

This collaboration showcases Ferrari’s commitment to transitioning towards electric vehicles and the importance of strong partnerships with leading battery technology companies like SK On. The expertise and technology sharing between the two companies will contribute to advancing innovation in the electric vehicle market.

Ferrari’s decision to launch an all-electric vehicle next year marks a significant milestone in their efforts to reduce their carbon footprint while maintaining their reputation as a luxury sports car maker. Their collaboration with SK On demonstrates their dedication to driving global innovation in battery cell technology and paving the way for a future where sustainable transportation becomes mainstream.

SK On’s support for Ferrari’s journey towards electrification highlights their commitment to pushing boundaries and driving change in the automotive industry. With this partnership in place, both companies have an opportunity to contribute significantly to advancing knowledge and expertise in battery technology while positioning themselves as leaders in this rapidly evolving field.

As Ferrari prepares for its first all-electric vehicle launch next year, this collaboration with SK On represents an exciting opportunity for both companies to work together towards a more sustainable future.

By Riley Johnson

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