Officials: Suspected Tajik men visited Turkey, showing signs of torture

Four terrorist suspects, all of whom are believed to be citizens of Tajikistan, were arrested in Moscow on Sunday after a gun attack at the Crocus City Hall on Friday night. The attack resulted in the death of 137 people and injuries to over 180 others. The group that carried out the attack is suspected to be linked with ISIS-K, which operates primarily in Afghanistan and Central Asia.

On Saturday morning, eleven suspects were arrested by Russian security forces FSB in connection with the attack at the Crocus City Hall. Four of these suspects are believed to have participated directly in the act itself. The suspects were brought to the Investigative Committee headquarters in Moscow for questioning.

Russia claims that the perpetrators of the attack fled across the border into Ukraine following the incident. However, this claim has been met with skepticism from some sources who believe that they may have fled into Belarus instead. It is approximately 400 kilometers from Moscow to the location where Russia believes the perpetrators fled, making it difficult to verify their movements accurately.

Videos of alleged torture of suspects during their arrest and interrogation have been circulating on social media, with members of Russia’s Social Chamber and Vladimir Rogov, a representative of Russia’s occupation administration in Ukraine, publishing one such video on their Telegram channel on Saturday. The suspects will be held in pretrial detention for at least two months while investigations continue.

The Kremlin has declined to comment on any allegations related to torture or ISIS involvement in the attack. However, Dmitri Peskov, Kremlin spokesman, stated that no decision has yet been made about restoring capital punishment as called for by former President Dmitri Medvedev on social media earlier this week. French President Emmanuel Macron also commented on Monday that several ISIS-K attacks had been thwarted in France over recent months.

It is important to note that claims about exact locations have varied widely since Friday night’s incident, with some sources reporting incidents near Hatsun (about 100 kilometers from Bryansk) and others suggesting Teply (on Belarusian border). However, it is clear that a serious terrorist threat exists within Russia’s borders and should not be ignored or underestimated by law enforcement agencies or governments worldwide.

In conclusion, four terrorist suspects linked to ISIS-K were arrested in Moscow following a gun attack at Crocus City Hall on Friday night that resulted in multiple fatalities and injuries. While Russia has made claims about where they fled after fleeing across border into Ukraine/Belarus; it is uncertain if they did flee into Ukraine or Belarus as claimed by Russia due to its distance from Moscow which makes it hard for investigation team verifying their movements accurately.

Furthermore, allegations regarding alleged torture during interrogation have emerged online which needs further investigation while Russian government remains mum about this issue despite calls for restoration death penalty by former president Dmitri Medvedev.

This incident highlights once again how dangerous ISIS terrorism still poses a significant threat not just within its region but also beyond its borders as seen recently through attempts thwarted both France and other countries.

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