Hostage to Hamas: Moran’s 54-Day Ordeal of Psychological Torture

Parisian apartment holds a reminder of Moran’s injury at the entrance in the form of her crutch. Despite this, as she smokes a cigarette on the balcony on Tuesday, February 6, there is no evident pain. However, Moran has just returned from a harrowing experience. For 54 days, from October 7 until her release on November 29, 2023, Moran was detained in Gaza by Hamas after being kidnapped from the Nova festival in southern Israel. She appears calm and collected, with numerous rings adorning her fingers and pale pink varnished nails. But beneath the surface, the 40-year-old woman is struggling. She can no longer sleep alone, take a shower, or go to the toilet without being accompanied due to the fear of reliving her isolation and anguish during her captivity.

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Moran’s return from captivity has left her scarred both physically and mentally. While she may appear outwardly calm and collected, she cannot shake off the trauma of being held captive for over five weeks without any communication or contact with her loved ones.

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Moran’s struggle with isolation and anxiety will take time to heal completely. But with time and therapy, she hopes to overcome these challenges and reclaim her life again.

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