Richarlison contemplated quitting football after experiencing post-World Cup depression | Football

Richarlison, the Brazilian forward who plays for Tottenham, has shared that he struggled with depression following his country’s quarter-final loss to Croatia at the 2022 World Cup. After being captured in a vulnerable moment on the bench during a 2026 World Cup qualifier, he decided to seek psychological help. This decision was made after considering quitting football altogether.

The 26-year-old, who has been capped 48 times for Brazil, emphasized the importance of seeking help for mental health issues, urging other players to do the same. Despite initial challenges at Spurs, Richarlison has found success this season, scoring 11 goals in 26 appearances. Reflecting on his struggles, he revealed feeling lost and wanting to give up after the World Cup.

Richarlison admitted that even he, who others viewed as mentally strong, faced a difficult period where he wanted to quit. Seeking therapy proved to be a turning point for him, saving him from the dark place he found himself in. He encouraged others to seek help if needed, emphasizing the benefits of opening up to a professional who can provide support and guidance. Richarlison expressed gratitude for the positive impact therapy had on his life and highlighted the importance of mental health care in sports and beyond.

In conclusion, Richarlison’s story serves as an important reminder that no one is immune to mental health struggles and that it is essential to seek help when needed. His experience highlights how therapy can be a transformative force in someone’s life and encourages others to take control of their mental wellbeing.

Richarlison’s journey started with feelings of hopelessness after Brazil’s loss at the 2022 World Cup but eventually led him to seek therapy which proved crucial in saving him from giving up on football altogether. The story serves as an inspiration not only for footballers but also anyone who may be struggling with similar issues.

His message about seeking help is especially important now more than ever given how many athletes are under immense pressure both personally and professionally due to high expectations from fans and media alike.

Overall, Richarlison’s story reminds us that taking care of our mental health is just as important as taking care of our physical fitness and we should all strive for openness and honesty when discussing these topics.

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