The Six Argentines Among the World’s Wealthiest Businessmen

The CEO of Mercado Libre, Marcos Galperin, is the wealthiest Argentine businessman according to Forbes magazine’s list of the world’s richest individuals. With a fortune worth over 6.3 billion dollars, he ranks 462, just behind Bernard Arnault, Jeff Bezos, and Elon Musk. Paolo Rocca, CEO of Techint, follows closely behind with an estimated fortune of $5.7 billion and a ranking of 526 on the list. Alejandro Bulgheroni, president of Pan American Energy Group (PAEG), comes in at position 649 with a fortune of $4.9 billion. Gregorio Pérez Companc and family are ranked at number 782 with a fortune of $4.1 billion. These Argentines are among the many business leaders featured in the Forbes ranking for 2023.

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In conclusion, several prominent businessmen from Argentina have been ranked among the world’s richest by Forbes magazine this year. Among them is Marcos Galperin who leads the list with his vast fortune worth over $6 billion dollars while Paolo Rocca came second followed by Alejandro Bulgheroni and Gregorio Perez Companc family with their impressive net worth respectively.

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