On November 22, 1963, American President John F. Kennedy, commonly known as JFK or Jack, was tragically assassinated. The Kennedy family’s story is marked by a series of inexplicable tragedies that have haunted them for generations. Jack’s sister Rosemary underwent a lobotomy at the age of 18, leaving her completely immobile and unable to communicate. Two years older, Kathleen died in a plane crash in the French Alps at the age of 26. Older brother Joe was killed in action during World War II at the age of 29. Their brother Robert was also tragically cut down in his prime, dying in an assassination attempt while campaigning for president in 1968. In the years that followed, their children would also pass away, adding to the family’s heartache. For more information on this tragic story, be sure to check out our special feature that will be included with the printed edition on Wednesday, November 22, 2023.

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