Since lawsuit, business at Roy Meat Service in East Nashville has been booming

Jeff Roy’s dad always advised him to find the good in everything, and that’s what he’s been doing despite a neighbor suing him over the smoke coming from his neighborhood smokehouse in 2021. The lawsuit has caused him financial stress and legal fees, but Roy has also seen a positive impact on his business, Roy Meat Service. The increased demand has led him to have to use two smokers to keep up with orders.

In January 2023, the neighbor sued Roy and the property owner, claiming that the concrete pad the grills sat on encroached on her property and that the smoke made it hard for her to enjoy her backyard and threatened her health. The lawsuit gained attention on social media, in the press, and in conversations among locals who rallied behind Roy, seeing the lawsuit as a threat to Nashville’s small-town charm.

Despite his efforts to negotiate with the neighbor and make changes, Roy said the neighbor stopped responding, and her lawyer declined to comment. However, Roy has no plans to stop operating unless a judge orders him to do so. The court date is set for May 24 for a motion filed by the neighbor’s lawyer to pause the case for four months due to scheduling issues.

The lawsuit has brought more attention to Jeff Roy’s business than ever before, leading him to see an increase in sales since it was filed. He believes that if he had not started smoking meat as a hobby several years ago or if he had not opened his smokehouse in 2021, he would not be facing this legal battle today. In fact, he sees this as an opportunity for growth and expansion of his business.

Jeff has been working tirelessly since then ensuring that his smokehouse complies with all regulations while maintaining quality standards of meat products.

Roy attributes his success in this situation is because of his parents’ teachings about finding positivity even when faced with adversity.

Overall, Jeff sees this lawsuit as an opportunity for growth rather than stagnation and hopes that others can learn from it too.

By Riley Johnson

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