How Google’s AI updates impact you: Insights from Tech & Science Daily podcast

Google has announced a major expansion of its artificial intelligence offerings, including an AI makeover for its world-renowned search engine. This news comes on the heels of OpenAI’s recent unveiling of GPT-4o, indicating intense competition in the generative AI space. Meanwhile, researchers at Oxford Population Health have made a groundbreaking discovery that blood proteins may be able to warn of cancer up to seven years before a diagnosis, potentially revolutionizing cancer detection and prevention.

In other news, Bumble has apologized for controversial billboards that referenced celibacy, while scientists are preparing for the launch of the $1.4 billion Dream Chaser plane and have discovered a new species of giant jellyfish. And Parisians will need a QR code to access certain parts of the city this summer. For more in-depth coverage on these topics and more, tune into our latest podcast episode available now on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

By Riley Johnson

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