Business remains open despite threats from stadium construction, opens day after sales tax proposal fails

Kansas City’s Crossroads district recently welcomed Green Dirt Farm, a restaurant known for its locally-sourced foods and cheeses made in house. The grand opening of the new location was a significant day for the restaurant, especially after the stadium sale tax was voted down by Kansas City and Jackson County voters.

The staff at Green Dirt on Oak described the new spot as a gathering place that offers fresh and quality ingredients for their dishes. Executive Chef Oskar Arévalo shared that part of the concept behind the new location was to be able to expand their cheese making capabilities. However, there was a sense of apprehension about the possibility of the new location being demolished due to external factors.

Despite the uncertainties, Green Dirt Farm decided to move forward and open for business as planned. Arévalo expressed his fear of putting in time, effort, and commitment only to see everything dissolve in the future. The opening of the new location was a strange juxtaposition, occurring on a night when thousands of voters had voted on the fate of the area.

Arévalo acknowledged that it was not an easy decision to move forward with opening in a new location but it was necessary to fully commit to the restaurant’s vision. Now that Green Dirt Farm is finally open and operating in its new location, all worries about potential demolition are now in

By Riley Johnson

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