The IDF is shifting its focus to the south of Gaza Strip, where they expect to face the most difficult phase of their military campaign. The northern part of Gaza has been mostly under Israeli control, but Hamas’ military capabilities are only partially destroyed and many leaders are still at large. Some Hamas leaders are hiding in densely populated towns or underground tunnels, making them hard to capture.

Senior security officials have announced plans to attack Hamas in the south, which will be similar to their advance in the north but more complex due to the large number of civilians crowded into the area. The goal is to achieve the government’s objective of eliminating Hamas, but it will be a challenging task as Hamas is expected to be a more determined enemy in this region.

The IDF is preparing for a possible hostage deal and ceasefire by blocking the southern border with Egypt and protecting civilians who have fled there. However, American officials are urging Israel to delay its operations until plans for civilian protection have been put in place. They want Israel to reduce combat areas and make it clear where civilians can find refuge. If Palestinian citizens leave specific towns and neighborhoods, it could increase pressure on Egypt to accept more refugees and undermine any humanitarian efforts.

Despite calls for creating a humanitarian zone, aid agencies have rejected this idea as civilians should be protected from attacks regardless of where they live or work. This creates difficulties for the IDF as they need to account for civilians in their military plans while also ensuring that terrorists do not use them as shields. Israeli forces are facing tactical challenges and continue planning and preparing for continued operations in the south with a diverse range of strategies aimed at achieving their objectives while respecting ethical considerations.

In conclusion, Israel is moving its focus from the northern part of Gaza Strip to its southern region where they expect to face some of their toughest challenges during this war effort. While they aim towards achieving their goals of eliminating Hamas, they must also ensure that civilian casualties are minimized by taking all necessary precautions while accounting for potential risks associated with such an endeavor.

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