NFL owners approve radical changes to Hard Knocks: Up to five teams may be featured annually

In 2024, HBO’s “Hard Knocks” will undergo a significant change in format, as approved by NFL owners. The in-season version of the show will now focus on four teams within a single division, marking a departure from the previous three-team format. This change aims to minimize disruption for teams participating in the regular season and ensure that no team gains an advantage from being featured on the show.

The new rule has already been put into action, with teams like the Cardinals, Colts, and Dolphins appearing on the show in 2021. With this new rule in place, teams can now decline participation if they have a first-year head coach, are slated for the in-season show in the upcoming season or the following year, or have been featured on “Hard Knocks” in the past eight years. Additionally, teams can now choose to participate even if they have made it to the playoffs in recent seasons.

This change aims to increase the pool of eligible teams for “Hard Knocks,” making each season more exciting for viewers. The time span for teams to avoid participation due to previous appearances on the show has also been reduced from 10 to 8 years. These changes aim to bring more variety and excitement to “Hard Knocks.”

While we don’t yet know which four teams will be featured on “Hard Knocks” for 2024, we can expect an engaging and dynamic season thanks to these new rules. With more teams now eligible for both preseason and in-season versions of the show, HBO and NFL are set for an exciting and varied season ahead.

By Riley Johnson

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