Homeless encampments near Hollywood recording studio Sunset Sound negatively impacting business

In recent years, Sunset Sound, a legendary recording studio in Hollywood, has been facing a series of challenges that threaten its existence. The most recent incident occurred on Sunday when the studio was burglarized.

The break-in is just the latest in a string of issues that have been plaguing the studio. According to Paul Camarata, the president of Sunset Sound, the homeless community surrounding the building has been causing problems for the studio. He explained that incidents like Taylor Swift getting accosted while leaving the studio have had a negative impact on business.

Additionally, two fires have broken out near the studio within the past year, and property damage caused by people using public restrooms outside has become increasingly common. During Sunday’s burglary, thieves stole blank checks from Sunset Sound, leading to accounts being canceled and financial difficulties for the studio.

The situation has escalated to such an extent that needles are now being left in plain sight outside the studio, and people are urinating anywhere they please, causing significant property damage. The homeless population in the area is estimated to be around 3,000 people with only 400 shelter beds available.

L.A City Councilman Hugo Soto-Martinez’s office has stated that they are monitoring the situation and working with outreach teams to address it. However, Soto-Martinez declined an on-camera interview regarding this matter.

Overall, Sunset Sound is facing severe challenges due to issues arising from homelessness in Hollywood, which may put its future at stake if not addressed soon.

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