Yemeni Houthi leader Muhammad al-Bukati recently spoke out about his group’s capabilities and intentions with regards to Israel. He claimed that the Houthis have numerous opportunities to launch attacks on Israel, and warned that if Israeli attacks on the Gaza Strip continue, the war would spread to other arenas. Al-Bukati also denied that the seizure of the Galaxy Leader ship in the Red Sea was carried out on instructions from Iran, stating instead that the Houthis were aiming to distract Israel and reduce pressure on their compatriots in Gaza.

Furthermore, another Houthi leader, Ali al-Kahum, echoed these sentiments, boasting about the group’s missile and unmanned aerial vehicle capabilities. He proudly stated that their range could reach up to 2,000 kilometers. However, it is important to note that while the Houthis may have some military capabilities, they are still a relatively small and isolated group with limited resources.

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