Report Reveals Aaron Rodgers’ Performance-Based Pay for Four Plays in 2023 in NFL

The NFL’s performance-based pay system rewards players based on their playtime and performance, but injuries, fewer snaps, or underperformance can affect a player’s earnings. For example, New York Jets quarterback Aaron Rodgers played only four snaps in Week 1 and earned the lowest amount among all NFL players – $81.14. On the other hand, San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy and former Baltimore Ravens guard John Simpson benefited from the incentives and earned significantly more through the system.

The performance-based pay system is designed to reward players for their base salary and playtime, with players earning more if they play a substantial amount of snaps, especially with a low base salary. However, injuries or underperformance can negatively impact a player’s earnings from this system. Despite his low earnings from the performance-based pay system this season, Aaron Rodgers is looking forward to returning next season and hoping for a healthier and more successful season. With his new contract and a potential longer playing time, Rodgers may see a significant increase in his paycheck in the future.

By Riley Johnson

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