Hungary’s top diplomat warns that presence of Western troops in Ukraine could lead to world war, tells Russian media

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has emphasized that Hungary will not be sending weapons or soldiers to Ukraine and urged caution when considering the possibility of sending troops on behalf of NATO member states. Despite maintaining a close relationship with Russia, which includes congratulating Putin on his recent election victory, Hungary is committed to diplomatic relations and open communication channels with Moscow.

Szijjártó, the Hungarian Foreign Minister, has highlighted the importance of maintaining diplomatic relations with Russia and stressing the need for caution when considering military intervention in the region. This stance reflects Hungary’s commitment to avoiding further conflicts in Eastern Europe.

Hungary has long maintained a close relationship with Russia and has been vocal in opposition to additional funds and weapons being sent to Kyiv. Szijjártó’s emphasis on diplomatic relations highlights Hungary’s efforts to maintain peace in the region.

Despite tensions between Russia and Western countries, including NATO member states, Hungary has continued its close relationship with Moscow. This includes regular communication between Prime Minister Orbán and President Putin, even after Putin’s recent election victory was viewed as fraudulent by many Western countries.

Overall, Szijjártó’s emphasis on caution and diplomatic relations underscores Hungary’s commitment to avoiding further conflicts in Eastern Europe while maintaining strong relationships with all nations involved.

By Riley Johnson

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