Roslyn office building purchased for $1.95 million

In a major deal for the Roslyn real estate market, Vohora Realty LLC, an affiliate of a pharmacy business, has recently purchased a commercial office property at 1326 Old Northern Blvd for $1.95 million. The 6,034-square-foot building on .15 acres was sold by Musik Properties LLC and will be occupied by the buyer once the current tenant, Summer Discovery, vacates by the end of the year.

The transaction was facilitated by brokers Stephen Preuss, Kevin Louie, and Eric Delafraz of RIPCO Real Estate, who represented both the buyer and the seller. According to Louie, the property has been owned and operated by the seller for many years and is considered iconic. The buyer will receive short-term income while finalizing their construction and business plans.

Louie also mentioned that there were multiple offers at the asking price and the property was put under contract within 30 days of being marketed. This sale represents a significant transaction in the Roslyn area and indicates potential growth and development for the property.

The new owner intends to occupy and renovate the office building, which will bring about positive changes to the surrounding area. This move is expected to boost economic growth in Roslyn as more businesses are attracted to invest in this area.

Overall, this sale marks a significant milestone in Roslyn’s real estate market as it demonstrates that there is still demand for properties in this area despite recent challenges caused by COVID-19 pandemic. It also shows that businesses are looking beyond short-term solutions and investing in long-term plans that will benefit not only themselves but also their communities.

In conclusion, Vohora Realty LLC’s purchase of 1326 Old Northern Blvd represents a positive step towards growth and development in Roslyn’s real estate market. The buyer’s plans to occupy and renovate the office building are expected to bring about positive changes to the surrounding area and attract more businesses to invest in this area.

By Riley Johnson

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