Franco Innovates Bedding with New Night-Light Technology for Kids

Napa Valley Toys USA and bedding specialist Franco Manufacturing have teamed up to create a new line of bed sheets and comforters for kids. The line features night-light technology developed by Napa Valley, which was originally used in their NightBuddies plush brand. These plush toys, including vehicles, dinosaurs, sea creatures, teddy bears, and wearable slippers, have illuminated eyes that serve as night lights to help young children overcome bedtime fears.

Franco has obtained the rights to use Napa Valley’s patented technology through a deal arranged by Cuesta Licensing. The new bedding range will feature popular characters such as Snoopy, PAW Patrol, Hello Kitty, Batman, and the Grinch. It will be available at retailers across North America later this year.

In addition to the new collaboration with Napa Valley, Franco’s licensing portfolio includes other well-known kids’ brands like L.O.L. Surprise! from MGA Entertainment, Animal Crossing from Nintendo, Disney Princesses, and Blue’s Clues & You! from Paramount/Nickelodeon. By incorporating Napa Valley’s innovative technology into their bedding designs, Franco aims to offer children a fun and comforting sleep environment with their favorite characters.

The partnership between Franco Manufacturing and Napa Valley Toys USA is expected to bring a unique twist to the world of children’s bedding industry with the introduction of night-light technology in kid’s products. The collaboration is set to offer an exciting opportunity for parents looking for comfortable and secure bedding options for their little ones while still keeping them entertained with their favorite characters.

Overall, this new line of bed sheets and comforters promises to provide comfort and security during bedtime while also offering fun features that will keep kids entertained all night long.

Franco Manufacturing has been a leader in the bedding industry for years now. With this latest collaboration with Napa Valley Toys USA, they are set to take their business to another level by introducing innovative products that cater specifically to children’s needs.

As parents look for ways to help their children overcome fear of the dark or monsters during sleep time, this new line of bedsheets featuring night-light technology could prove very useful in providing comfort and security during sleep time.

With this exciting collaboration between two established companies in the industry set to launch soon across North America retailers are eagerly anticipating its release later this year

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