The Quality Housing Coalition received a $30,000 donation from InterMed to support their efforts in addressing the homelessness crisis in Greater Portland. As a leading physician-owned practice in Maine, InterMed was established in 1993 and has grown to serve over 100,000 patients across the state with a team of over 900 clinicians and staff.

The executive director of the Quality Housing Coalition, Victoria Morales, expressed her excitement about the donation, stating that stable housing is the foundation of health. The coalition’s Project HOME program has provided permanent homes to over 1,500 adults and children who have experienced homelessness, with 650 homes already secured.

InterMed President Dr. Phyllidia Ku-Ruth stated that they wanted to commemorate their 30th anniversary by placing their support with an organization that directly works to mitigate the affordable housing crisis in southern Maine. This collaboration between InterMed and the Quality Housing Coalition aims to address community conditions that are essential for Maine people to thrive. Lack of access to housing is a significant barrier to good health, making this partnership crucial.

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