The ongoing conflict in Gaza has taken a devastating toll on children, with nearly half of the population of 2.3 million being made up of young ones. On average, one Palestinian child has been killed every 10 minutes since October 7 due to Israeli attacks that have resulted in the deaths of at least 5,500 children. To make matters worse, around 1,800 children are still missing under the rubble, with many feared to be dead.

Additionally, over 9,000 children have been injured in the conflict, many of them facing life-altering consequences as a result. Unfortunately, many of these children have already experienced the trauma of multiple wars in their short lives. This is a stark reminder of the importance of addressing the urgent need for their protection and well-being on World Children’s Day.

The infographic released on this day serves as a reminder that out of less than half of the children who have been killed in the past six weeks, only names and ages are displayed. This highlights the devastating impact that the ongoing conflict is having on innocent lives in Gaza. It is essential to take action and address this urgent need for their protection and well-being on this day dedicated to celebrating children worldwide.

In conclusion, World Children’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate and honor children everywhere while also bringing attention to their plight in areas affected by conflict and violence. We must work together to ensure that all children have access to safety, education, health care, and overall happiness regardless of where they come from or what circumstances they face.

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