The Israeli Defense Forces (IDF) have discovered a strategy to defeat Hamas in Gaza City, where the central command and logistical and organizational heart of the terrorist group are located. As a result, the IDF has launched a siege of the city, dividing it into North Gaza and South Gaza. Their goal is to destroy Hamas and its infrastructure.

The IDF is conducting an urban war in Gaza City, creating various nuclei in the city and constantly raiding Hamas’ tunnel and subway system. There is a focus on accelerating the exodus of the city’s civilian population, with more than 2/3 of Gaza City’s population already moving to different camps in the South.

Hamas faces total intelligence about their activities due to Israel’s advanced technology, while their infrastructure is being systematically dismantled by the Defense Forces. The IDF’s objective is clear: destroy Hamas and its capabilities.

On another front, the U.S. launched over 30 missiles against units of Iranian Revolutionary Islamic Guard deployed in Syria and Iraq after attacks on American bases in the region. Despite attempts by the Pentagon to deter these actions, Iran continues to act aggressively, even launching its own nuclear missiles.

The conflict in this region remains intense, characterized by weakness, fear, and the possibility of war. Despite Israel’s successful strategy against Hamas in Gaza City, it remains unclear how these events will unfold globally. However, one thing is certain: if successful, this victory could reestablish Israel’s deterrent capacity lost due to previous defeats.

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