On Tuesday, the Japanese government issued an urgent warning to its citizens to seek shelter after North Korea allegedly launched a rocket carrying a satellite. This is Pyongyang’s third attempt to launch a satellite into orbit this year. The authorities in Japan issued a warning to residents in the south of the country for fear of a North Korean missile falling. According to South Korean military officials, they believe that the missile was carrying a spy satellite and that it was launched in a southerly direction.

North Korea has informed Japanese authorities that it plans to launch the missile between November 22 and December 1. In addition, South Korea’s state maritime safety agency issued a warning of danger to ships as well. This latest development has caused tensions in the region to escalate even further, with many people worried about the potential impact of such an event on their lives and communities. As such, it is important for all residents in the area to remain vigilant and follow the instructions of local authorities in order to ensure their safety during this time of heightened tension.

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