Mostly teenagers and students participate in the fourth day of anti-Israeli marches in Jordan

For four consecutive nights, anti-Israel protests have taken place in the Jordanian capital, near the Israeli Embassy. Each night, protesters attempted to approach the embassy but were met with resistance from the police and gendarmerie, resulting in several arrests. Although the number of participants has decreased compared to earlier days, most of them are teenagers and students.

The demonstrators are calling for concrete actions from the Jordanian government to stop what they see as Israeli aggression against the Palestinian people. They want all agreements with Israel annulled, including the Wadi Arba agreement and gas agreement. Additionally, they demand a halt on goods transport from Persian Gulf countries through Jordan and a ban on exporting vegetables.

These protests are a manifestation of continued frustration and anger towards Israel by the younger generation who stand up against what they view as unjust actions. The demands made by these protesters highlight their desire for stronger support from their government in favor of the Palestinian cause and opposition to Israeli policies.

By Riley Johnson

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