Amazon abandons ‘Just Walk Out’ technology due to ongoing technical challenges

The Amazon Fresh grocery stores in the US have discontinued the “Just Walk Out” technology due to several challenges faced during its implementation. The high-tech system, which utilized cameras, sensors, and human monitoring to allow customers to shop without interacting with a cashier, was intended to revolutionize the shopping experience. However, despite its advanced nature, it still required significant human involvement and faced legal implications that necessitated a reevaluation of the technology.

The Just Walk Out system relied on a network of cameras and sensors to track customers throughout the store and monitor their purchases. However, this required over 1,000 people in India to scan camera feeds and ensure that customers were accurately checking out. This issue presented challenges for Amazon as it struggled with finding enough qualified personnel to operate the technology effectively.

Furthermore, a class action suit in New York accused Amazon of collecting biometric identifier information without proper disclosure to consumers, violating the state’s Biometric Identifier Information Law. This legal challenge necessitated a reevaluation of the technology’s implementation in stores.

In light of these issues and challenges, Amazon has decided to remove the Just Walk Out technology from its Fresh grocery stores in half of its total locations across the US. This decision indicates that a more traditional approach to checkout may be necessary for the time being until Amazon can find ways to address these issues and improve upon its technology’s implementation.

Overall, Amazon’s decision to discontinue its “Just Walk Out” technology highlights the importance of considering both technical feasibility and legal implications when implementing new technologies in retail settings. While self-checkout systems can offer convenience for customers, they also require careful planning and execution to ensure they are effective and comply with relevant laws and regulations.

By Riley Johnson

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