Health Insurance Marketplace under the Affordable Care Act in 2024

Kansas Health Marketplace Seeing Fewer Options in 2024

The number of health plans available on the Kansas marketplace for 2024 is decreasing, with Cigna Health and Life Insurance Company choosing not to offer plans in the state. In contrast, Aetna Life Insurance Company is new to the marketplace and offering only nine plans across 19 counties. All eight insurers in Kansas are offering expanded bronze, silver, and gold plans, with one also offering a bronze plan and three catastrophic plans. Despite this variety of options, there are no platinum plans being offered for the seventh year in a row.

One major change to the Kansas marketplace is that all plans offered are exclusive provider organization (EPO) plans, meaning they cover services provided in-network by a “narrow network” of providers. Dental coverage is considered an essential health benefit for children enrolled in an ACA-compliant health plan in Kansas and is included in the premium cost. However, for adults, dental coverage is not considered an essential health benefit and is not included in the premium cost. Some insurers offer policies that combine health and dental coverage for adults where the premium covers both policies and Advanced Premium Tax Credits (APTC) can be applied. Alternatively, adults can opt to purchase a stand-alone dental plan but must be enrolled in an ACA-compliant health plan to do so. In this case, individuals would be responsible for two separate premiums for health and dental coverage, and APTC cannot be applied to stand-alone dental plan premiums. For 2024, there are a total of 15 stand-alone dental plans available from five insurers in Kansas.

Overall, while there are still many options available on the Kansas marketplace for individuals looking for healthcare coverage, it’s important to carefully consider which plan best suits their needs before making a decision.

By Riley Johnson

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