Innovation Award: Release System Recognized for Technological Advancements

Koppert has won first prize in the international Fruit Logistica Innovation Award Technology for its biological solution, ‘Mirical’, which uses corrugated cardboard as packaging. According to Tim Bossinga, product manager of Koppert, innovation is at the core of their DNA and is a result of continuous product development. The corrugated cardboard strips provide a natural habitat for beneficial bugs that help control whiteflies and other pests. This packaging reduces clumping and improves bug distribution in crops, leading to better performance and whitefly control. Mirical is a generalist pest predator with a preference for greenhouse whitefly, tobacco whitefly, eggs, caterpillars of the tomato leaf miner moth, and other moths. It also feeds on two-spotted spider mites, aphids , and leaf miner larvae. The product was launched in France last year. For more information about Koppert and Mirical, visit their website or email them at [](

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