Kruidvat to phase out iconic plastic candy bag

Kruidvat, a popular Dutch and Belgian retail chain, has announced the replacement of its iconic plastic candy bags with a more sustainable paper version. This change comes after the store chain realized that it was using no fewer than 8 million plastic candy bags annually, leading to a significant amount of plastic waste. In order to address this issue, Kruidvat has banned the use of plastic candy bags in favor of a more eco-friendly alternative.

According to Leendert van Bergeijk, sustainability manager at Kruidvat, the switch to paper candy bags is just one of many initiatives taken by the store chain to make both packaging and products more sustainable. By doing so, Kruidvat hopes to reduce its environmental impact and contribute to a cleaner and greener planet.

The new paper candy bags have already been introduced in Wallonia for some time now and will be rolled out across all Kruidvat branches in Belgium and the Netherlands starting Monday. This move is expected to save 32,000 kilos of plastic every year and help reduce the amount of plastic litter in these countries. If you were to line up all the plastic candy bags that Kruidvat replaces every year, you would end up with 4,000 kilometers worth of plastic waste.

Overall, this change marks an important step forward in Kruidvat’s efforts towards sustainability and demonstrates their commitment to reducing their environmental footprint while still providing customers with quality products.

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