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In the two decades I have been serving Maine families, the affordability crisis of health care delivery has never been more apparent or urgent. The health care system in Maine is currently the most expensive in New England, with a recent poll showing that two-thirds of Mainers are just one major health crisis away from financial disaster. This situation is not only inexcusable but also dangerous as it can take away the focus from healing and instead put it on how the bills will be paid.

Many people in Maine are forced to juggle putting food on the table and dealing with increasing medical bills. This situation is unacceptable and puts the focus on how to pay for medical treatment rather than recovering from illness or injury. Although the health care workforce in Maine is doing their best to meet the medical needs of citizens, it is clear that legislative action is needed to address this crisis and prevent further harm.

L.D. 1955 aims to expand access to free care for qualifying Mainers and prevent unfair debt collection practices and unreasonable repayment plans by hospitals and other health care facilities. If this issue is addressed head-on, Maine citizens can become stronger and healthier. Dr. Shannon Carr emphasizes that the time to act is overdue and that action must be taken to allow for more affordable health care in Maine.

The high cost of healthcare delivery in Maine has created an urgent need for change, with many families struggling to afford basic necessities like food while facing mounting medical bills. It’s time for legislative action to address this crisis and ensure that every citizen has access to affordable healthcare services without having to choose between paying their bills or getting sick.

Families dealing with medical emergencies deserve to know the cost of healthcare and be able to plan accordingly, but many are unable due to rising costs making it increasingly difficult for them to make ends meet.

The current state of healthcare delivery in Maine leaves many families feeling overwhelmed by financial burdens that can take away their focus on healing instead of recovery.

Legislative action must be taken now if we want our communities thriving healthy residents who don’t have

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