A Student’s Guide to Using Artificial Intelligence Responsibly and Effectively

The 2024 school year has begun in Peru, with over 6 million students returning to classrooms and starting academic tasks. With the rise of artificial intelligence (AI), some students may turn to this technology to complete their duties. However, there is a need for proper knowledge on how to use AI tools correctly.

To address this issue, Trade interviewed Liliana Muñoz Guevara, director of the Comprehensive Basic Training Unit at the Universidad Peruana Cayetano Heredia, and Omar Florez, an expert scientist in artificial intelligence. They are enthusiastic about providing guidance on the appropriate use of AI tools for students.

Muñoz advises students not to be afraid of using new tools and to use them wisely. She emphasizes that AI can help investigate, compare, complement, and delve deeper into complex topics, enhancing personalized learning for academic activities. She suggests using AI chatbots to assist with homework or research assignments and recommends verifying the original source of data when using these tools.

Omar suggests using AI tools like Perplexity and Wolfram Alpha for studying. He explains that Perplexity can provide accurate and up-to-date information while Wolfram Alpha is an online tool that can solve mathematical queries through natural language dialogues.

Both specialists stress the importance of verifying the original source of data when using AI chatbots to ensure the accuracy of information. They also highlight the different ways in which AI can be utilized to enhance academic performance in various disciplines.

While AI can be beneficial for academic work, it is essential to consider ethical aspects when using it. Liliana and Omar both emphasize the importance of maintaining the human aspect in the learning process, such as peer interaction and teacher guidance, to encourage active engagement and emotional well-being.

In conclusion, while AI can be a valuable tool for students in their academic pursuits, it is essential to have proper knowledge on how to use these tools correctly. By following guidelines provided by experts like Liliana Muñoz Guevara and Omar Florez, students can harness the power of AI while also considering ethical aspects in their usage.

By Riley Johnson

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