Exploring Fish, Cute Chicks, and Eco-Friendly Wind Turbines at Meadow’s Science Fair

The Monroe News reported that 17 Meadow Montessori School students were awarded ribbons at the school’s annual Science Fair. As the only school in the county to host a school-wide science fair, Meadow Montessori has been doing so since 1986. Students from kindergarten through eighth grade participate in this event, which culminates with each student presenting their project in front of the class and displaying it for the entire school to see.

Four judges reviewed each project and awarded prizes to the top three in five different age groupings. The judges included Sarah Howard, Cale Piedmonte-Lang, Stephanie Slat, and Frank Tryrbon. Meg Fedorowicz, the Science Fair coordinator, emphasized that this event is a celebration of learning where students get to share their work and utilize the scientific method for critical thinking.

The students who received ribbons in each age group included Zayn LaHart, Jaxton Thurwanger, and Luka Madrid from kindergarten; Calvin Cunningham, Lennon Beamsley, Teddy Felder, Cash Guy, and Maximus Humphreys from first and second grades; Jase Burbo, Etta Manley, and Madison Smith from third and fourth grades; David Schall, Henry Wolbert

By Riley Johnson

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