Miami University’s Stress Less week prioritizes students’ mental health

Miami University is currently celebrating “Stress Less Week,” an initiative aimed at helping students manage stress and anxiety as the workload increases. Many students, including senior Abigail Templin, find the semester to be particularly challenging and struggle with self-care.

Templin acknowledges that as schoolwork piles up, activities such as socializing, exercising, and maintaining a healthy diet can suffer. To address this issue, the university has organized a variety of activities throughout the week. These include therapy dogs, painting and drawing, puzzles, yoga, and stress less workshops.

The Assistant Director for Mental Health Promotion and Education, Katelyn Howell, emphasizes the importance of students taking time for themselves and prioritizing their mental and emotional well-being. By coming together as a community, students can support each other and promote a culture of self-care and mental wellness.

In other news, Moeller graduate Trey McBride is in his third year of playing professional basketball overseas, fulfilling his dream. Additionally, The Hub OTR will be closing at the end of April as the owner announces plans for a new chapter in life outside of the restaurant industry.

By Riley Johnson

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