The Largest Companies in the World according to Poets&Quants

Microsoft Square, located in downtown Los Angeles, is home to the world’s largest company in terms of market cap. The company has a $3 trillion market cap, according to a recent study by CEOWORLD Magazine. Among the top 20 companies by market cap, Microsoft was ranked first, with Apple following closely behind at second place with a $2.87 trillion market cap.

The study ranked companies based on their total dollar market value of outstanding shares of stock. Other notable companies on the list included Saudi Arabian Oil Company with a $2 trillion market cap, Amazon with a $1.87 trillion market cap, and Alphabet Inc. with a $1.77 trillion market cap. However, it’s worth noting that only four non-U.S. companies made it onto the list: Saudi Arabian Oil Company, Taiwan Semiconductor Manufacturing Company Limited, Novo Nordisk A/S and LVMH from France.

While many U.S.-based companies remained on this year’s ranking from last year’s list, several newcomers also emerged as top performers in 2021. Home Depot and Adobe were among the new additions to the top 50 global ranking this year, alongside Chevron and Salesforce who were previously not ranked last year but still made it into the top 25 rankings this time around.

With companies from 12 different countries represented on the CEOWORLD 50 Global list, there is no denying that these businesses have an enormous impact on global economies. In fact, the total revenue for all companies on this list combined stands at $29.63 trillion – which is equivalent to approximately 6.7 times Germany’s GDP! It’s clear that these major players are driving economic growth and shaping our future in countless ways every day

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