Denmark closes airspace and busy shipping lane following missile malfunction

Denmark’s airspace and one of the busiest shipping lanes in the world were closed due to a failed missile test. The National Maritime Authority warned ships not to sail through the Great Belt strait, which is the main maritime access to the Baltic Sea. The incident occurred during a naval exercise in the area where a navy vessel was testing a missile launcher.

The military stated that there was a technical problem with the launcher, which caused it to malfunction during the test. This posed a risk as the missile could potentially fly away and hit other objects until it was deactivated. The warning covered an area of 5-7 kilometers of the Great Belt bridge, but it remained open to traffic.

Specialists were deployed to investigate the incident and resolve the issue. The police were also informed, and ships were asked to wait until the problem was resolved before resuming their journey through the shipping lane. More information will be provided on this breaking news story as it develops.

By Riley Johnson

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