Gulf stocks experience mixed performance on a weekly basis

The Gulf Cooperation Council countries saw mixed stock market performance for the week. In Dubai, the market index increased by 0.73% to close at 4173.04 points, while the Abu Dhabi market index rose by 0.59% to close at 9090.39 points. On the other hand, the Saudi market index fell by 0.6% to close at 12,284 points compared to the previous week’s close at 12,352 points.

In Kuwait, the general market index rose by 0.53% to close at 7081.05 points, up from last week’s closing at 7043.71 points. Meanwhile in Bahrain, the Bahrain General Index increased by 0.04% in just five sessions, closing at 2029.41 points compared to last week’s close of 2028.58 points. The Qatar Stock Exchange index saw a modest rise of just 0.23% in five sessions, closing at 9,633.04 points as well.

However, it was not all positive news for some markets as the Muscat Stock Exchange index fell by a mere but significant amount of just about 0.1% within five sessions and closed at an even lower price of about $4769 .96 compared to its previous week’s closure price of $4769 .96 respectively

There were also mentions of various local businesses from different states such as Illinois, Indiana, Iowa

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