Are Modi’s economic policies benefiting every Indian? | India Elections 2024

India has experienced significant economic growth in recent years, becoming the world’s fifth-largest economy and leading South Asia in growth. Prime Minister Narendra Modi has been credited with much of this success over the past decade. As he seeks a third term in office during upcoming general elections, Modi is using his economic achievements to bolster his campaign.

While many Indians have reported positive economic changes under his leadership, there are concerns about the widening wealth gap within the country. Despite these concerns, Modi remains focused on securing another term in office and continuing to drive economic growth in India.

Meanwhile, the United States is making strides towards sustainability by investing heavily in environmental cleanup efforts at industrial sites. This global commitment to environmental responsibility is commendable and will undoubtedly have a positive impact on the planet.

In other news, Microsoft has recently announced that users will need to purchase Microsoft Office separately from the Teams app. This change may impact millions of users worldwide and could have significant implications for remote work and collaboration.

By Riley Johnson

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