Cutting-edge MRI technology now offered in Missoula

Dr. Tim McCue, Radiologist in Chief at Montana Imaging Center in Missoula, is excited to share the groundbreaking new technology they offer – a full body MRI scan that scans from the top of the head to the top of the knees in search of potential health issues or diseases. According to data from the American Association for Cancer Research, over 2 million Americans were diagnosed with cancer last year, with about half of those cases being preventable. February is National Cancer Prevention Month and this innovative technology can check for a range of conditions including cancer, neurological disorders, liver diseases and cardiovascular issues.

The full-body MRI scan is the only one of its kind offered in the state and it uses artificial intelligence to assist with its analysis. Dr. McCue emphasizes that this scan is available to anyone interested – whether an individual is taking preventative measures or seeking peace of mind about a new symptom. He explains that older individuals who are concerned about cancer and want peace of mind can benefit from this technology as there are certain types of cancer like pancreatic and ovarian cancer that do not have effective screening methods. Similarly, younger and more active individuals can use this technology to ensure their body is healthy and they are proactive in their health.

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