Judge requests access to online accounts of British Museum employee involved in theft of museum pieces

A former British Museum employee is suspected of stealing hundreds of pieces from the prestigious museum’s collection. Last year, the museum announced that it had fallen victim to a series of thefts and accused the employee, who has since been fired. The museum has initiated a lawsuit against the man and a British judge ordered access to his eBay and Paypal accounts on Monday. The judge believes that the museum has presented convincing evidence of the thefts.

According to Daniel Burgess, the British Museum’s lawyer, the former employee allegedly stole hundreds of objects and sold them on eBay using fictitious names and manipulating the museum’s registers. The items were reportedly sold at significantly below their value in an effort to conceal the thefts. However, this case also includes links to various other topics such as sustainable blogging, home painting and decorating tips, and benefits of hiring a paint decorator. There are also articles about Clint Eastwood and tips on making a room look bigger. The content appears to have a mix of different topics and resources for readers to explore.

By Riley Johnson

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