Advancing the Future of Space Exploration: Blue Origin & Sierra Space’s Next Chapter

NASA has announced that it will retire the International Space Station (ISS) by 2030, with plans to transition to privately owned space stations. The ISS, which has faced numerous problems in recent years including cracks, air leaks, toilet failures, temperature variations, and oxygen supply system failures, will be decommissioned and disintegrate in the Earth’s atmosphere before falling into the ocean.

To replace the ISS, NASA has awarded funding to companies like Blue Origin and Sierra Space to develop commercialized space stations in low-Earth orbit. These space stations could potentially serve as a replacement for the ISS in the future. However, NASA is not planning to keep these new space stations operational forever; instead, it aims to focus on bigger priorities such as establishing a permanent human presence on the moon through its Artemis missions.

NASA’s Orbital Reef, a future privately owned space station, has passed key milestones in developing critical technologies such as a regenerative waste management system that recycles astronaut urine. This technology will provide clean air and drinking water for astronauts aboard the space station and help reduce costs and waste by recycling urine and other waste products.

Moving forward, NASA plans to work with industry partners to ensure competition and reduce costs while meeting the demand for space stations from NASA and other customers. The projected cost of the Artemis missions is estimated to be $93 billion between 2012 and 2025 not including launch costs. By retiring the ISS, NASA will free up resources to focus on these lunar missions which are crucial for humanity’s future in space exploration.

By Riley Johnson

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