Chinle Native Selected as Science Fellow for Deep Ocean Exploration by Navajo-Hopi Observer

Kim Etsitty, a science teacher from Navajo Pine High School in Gallup, Mckinley County Schools, has been selected as a 2024 Science Communication Fellow by the Ocean Exploration Trust (OET). Originally from Chinle, Arizona, Etsitty will be part of an exciting deep-sea exploration team aboard OET’s Exploration Vessel Nautilus this autumn.

Etsitty was chosen from a competitive pool of applicants and will join 12 other fellows from various schools, science centers, and non-profit organizations throughout the Pacific and North America. As a fellow, she will have the opportunity to share her insights about the importance of water with classrooms worldwide. Etsitty believes that Indigenous knowledge, including the Diné worldview, can contribute to the restoration of land and waters. She sees her selection as an opportunity to serve as a role model for future Indigenous scientists and to exchange cultural perspectives with leading scientists.

Throughout her time at sea, Etsitty will use to connect with learners around the world. This unique STEAM initiative explores deep-sea biology and geology within Palau National Marine Sanctuary. By sharing her experiences on social media and through online platforms like, Etsitty hopes to inspire others to explore the mysteries of our oceans and appreciate their importance in maintaining our planet’s delicate balance.

By Riley Johnson

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