Investigation Underway by NBA Regarding Betting Anomalies Involving Toronto Raptors Player Jontay Porter

The NBA is currently investigating betting anomalies related to Jontay Porter, a player for the Toronto Raptors. According to reports, two specific games involving prop bets concerning Porter were flagged by DraftKings Sportsbook in its daily betting insights. On January 26, users betting the under on Porter’s three-pointers were the biggest money-makers for NBA player prop betting that day. Similarly, on March 20, Porter prop bettors were also the biggest winners of the day in NBA betting. In both cases, Porter exited the game early.

Prop bets concerning Porter are being looked into by league spokesperson Tim Frank who told CNN that the NBA is currently investigating these anomalies. However, neither the Raptors nor Porter’s representatives have commented on this matter. It is worth noting that Porter usually plays nearly 14 minutes per game and has not been seen playing since then due to personal reasons as stated by his team. On January 26th, he only logged four minutes without attempting a three-pointer due to an eye injury reaggravation while on March 20th he played just three minutes and scored zero points before leaving due to illness.

DraftKings Sportsbook declined to comment on this situation but highlighted the importance of legal and regulated sports betting in identifying and reporting suspicious activity to protect the integrity of the sport.

By Riley Johnson

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