Countdown to the Todde Council: Revealing the First Names of Sardinia

Alessandra Todde, the newly-elected president of the Sardinia Region, is currently in the process of finalizing an agreement with the centre-left Campo Largo parties on the composition of the future council. The selection of councilors will be based on criteria such as competence, gender equality, representativeness, and territoriality, while taking into account the coalition forces’ indications.

In terms of leadership positions within the Regional Council, the Democratic Party, as the leading party in the coalition, is seeking to assign key roles such as presidency and vice-presidency to Todde. The M5S may be assigned to head up the Health department and Work department. Allianza Verdi Sinistra could be responsible for public works while Orizzonte Comune seeks control over Tourism, Crafts and Commerce. Sinistra Futura aims to oversee the Department of Culture and Public Education.

As final decisions are made and council roles are distributed among coalition parties, Todde’s team is working diligently to ensure that the future council reflects a diverse range of interests and priorities for Sardinia Region.

By Riley Johnson

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