Breaking down the details of the L’Jarius Sneed deal

In 2024, L’Jarius Sneed will receive a fully guaranteed base salary of $4.32 million and an additional per-game active roster bonus of $680,000. In 2025, he will earn a fully guaranteed base salary of $18.32 million with a per-game active roster bonus of $680,000. For 2026, he will receive a portion guaranteed for injury at signing and the rest becoming fully guaranteed in March 2026, along with a per-game active roster bonus of $850,000. In 2027, he will earn a fully guaranteed base salary of $15.55 million with a per-game active roster bonus of $850,000.

Despite his belief that he deserved to be the highest-paid cornerback in the NFL, L’Jarius Sneed’s new contract details show that he did not receive that title. The four-year deal he signed has an average payout of $19.1 million and includes various base salaries and roster bonuses for the upcoming years. While the total average payout is lower than the franchise tag salary for 2024 ($19.989 million), Sneed will receive $44 million in full guarantees at signing just surpassing the two-year franchise tag payout of $43.97 million. The contract is front-loaded with higher earnings in the first two years and lower amounts in the final two seasons.

While Sneed may have potentially earned more by accepting a second season of the franchise tag in 2024 and exploring other options in following years, he ultimately chose to commit to the Titans for two more years under this new deal which proves that his belief was not entirely unfounded as it includes high guarantees at signing but also shows his willingness to negotiate and compromise with his team rather than hold out for what might seem like an unattainable goal

By Riley Johnson

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