First Chief Technology Officer appointed in New Haven, Conn.

Michael Simeone, an IT expert with over 25 years of experience, has been appointed as the first Chief Technology Officer for New Haven, Connecticut. In this new role, Simeone will oversee the city’s technology budget and integrate technology initiatives across different departments. He will work closely with Superintendent Madeline Negron to establish technology strategies and growth plans for the city’s Board of Education.

Simeone expressed his excitement about applying his expertise in information technology and cyber security to guide the city’s day-to-day technology operations, support its technology and efficiency goals, and serve New Haven residents in this important role. His appointment comes after a business email compromise last June, where hackers stole $5.9 million in city funds related to a New Haven Public Schools bus contract. The incident was discovered when the company contacted the school district about a missing payment.

Prior to his appointment, Simeone served as the Chief Information Officer for Bendett & McHugh, P.C., a Connecticut law firm representing large financial institutions. In this role, he oversaw the implementation of various IT initiatives that improved efficiency and reduced costs for the firm’s clients.

Overall, Simeone’s appointment as the city’s first Chief Technology Officer will play a crucial part in enhancing technological capabilities, ensuring the security of city systems, and supporting ongoing technology initiatives that will benefit the residents of New Haven.

By Riley Johnson

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