Opposition poised to win city parliaments in Istanbul and Ankara

After the stunning victory of the opposition in Turkey’s mayoral elections, there are indications that the center-left CHP party will again emerge victorious in the city parliaments of Istanbul and Ankara. Preliminary results suggest that the CHP is set to replace the AKP as the dominant force in both chambers, as confirmed by a member of the electoral authority.

In 2019, the CHP won mayoral positions in both cities but fell short of a majority in the city parliaments. Mayors Ekrem Imamoğlu and Mansur Yavas had faced numerous obstacles from the majority Islamic conservative AKP, with President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan dismissing them as “lame ducks.”

The loss of mayoral power has had significant implications for both politicians. Imamoğlu has struggled to obtain loans for his projects and encountered delays in construction due to opposition from the city parliament. Yavas, on the other hand, has accused the parliament of blocking expansion plans for a sewage treatment plant in Ankara. Both politicians have blamed political interference from central government agencies for delays in approval of metro projects and cuts to municipal funds.

However, with their newfound majority in both chambers, CHP politicians are likely to have more autonomy to implement their agendas without facing constant opposition from a minority party. This shift could lead to significant changes in governance and development policies for Istanbul and Ankara moving forward.

Overall, these developments highlight how political dynamics can shift rapidly at local levels, with far-reaching implications for urban planning and development policies.

By Riley Johnson

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