New Law Signed by Governor to Enhance Access to Mental Health and Substance Abuse Treatment

Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer signed legislation on Tuesday that aims to make mental health and substance abuse treatment more accessible in the state. The new law closes loopholes that previously prevented patients from receiving necessary treatment.

The Mental Health Association of Michigan president, Marianne Huff, stated that the law eliminates limits on mental health and substance use disorder treatment, emphasizing the importance of treating mental health care like physical health care.

According to statistics from the Michigan Department of Insurance and Financial Services, around 40% of Michiganders with mental health concerns do not seek treatment. Department Director Anita Fox highlighted the significance of mental health care and expressed satisfaction with the governor’s decision to sign the legislation. The new law is expected to help individuals in Michigan receive the necessary care to improve their well-being and prioritize their overall health.

While advocates and Governor Whitmer applaud the new legislation, they acknowledge that further efforts are needed to enhance access to mental health and substance abuse treatment for those in need across Michigan. It is crucial to continue working towards ensuring that all individuals have the resources and support they require to address their mental health and substance abuse challenges.

By Riley Johnson

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