Luis Lucero appointed as the new Secretary of Mining by the Javier Milei Government

The Ministry of Economy of the Nation has announced the appointment of Luis Lucero as the new Secretary of Mining. Lucero is a lawyer with extensive experience in the mining industry, natural resources law, and project financing. He has taken over the position left by Flavia Royón in February after being fired by Javier Milei following objections from deputies in Salta to points of the Omnibus Law.

Lucero graduated as a lawyer from the University of Buenos Aires and completed a Postgraduate Degree in Business Law from Universidad Argentina de la Empresa. He has also taken various specialization courses and seminars, including those related to government policy and corporate strategy in mining at the University of Dundee, negotiation at Harvard Law School, and foundations of organizational sciences at Columbia Business School and the University of Cambridge. Lucero holds a Master of Arts degree with honors from University College London (UCL).

As Secretary of Mining, Luis Lucero plays a crucial role in proposing, executing, and controlling the country’s mining policy. The Secretariat works on interacting with provinces, municipalities, investors, and companies as well as coordinating international cooperation efforts. Argentina has vast geological-mining potential which is currently underutilized. Last year, Argentina exported $4 billion in mining products and is projected to reach $20 billion by 2030 with conservative estimates possible increase to $25 billion with development copper projects. Moreover, Argentina also has potential to become third-largest lithium producer globally as the world shifts towards energy sources with low greenhouse emissions.

Lucero’s experience will be valuable in developing policies that will maximize revenue generation for the country while ensuring that environmental concerns are addressed. His expertise in complex arbitrations and litigation will also be useful when dealing with disputes between companies or with indigenous communities over mining projects.

The appointment of Luis Lucero marks a significant step forward for the Argentine economy as it seeks to tap into its vast mineral resources to boost economic growth. With his expertise and experience in the mining industry, Lucero will be instrumental in driving growth and creating jobs in this sector.

In conclusion, The appointment of Luis Lucero as Secretary of Mining is an important step forward for Argentina’s economy. With his extensive experience in project financing, corporate matters, complex arbitrations & litigation along with his knowledge about government policy & corporate strategy he can play a crucial role proposed executing & controlling country’s mining policy

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