New Technology Lab to Enhance Religious Education and OCIA Classes

On May 5, Father Jaime Jose blessed the new technology lab at Sacred Heart Church in Waianae. The lab features donated and refurbished iMac computers that were generously donated by Iolani School in Honolulu. These computers were then reconfigured by a local nonprofit for internet use before being donated to Sacred Heart Church.

The iMac computers will be used for religious education and OCIA classes at the church. The lab will provide children and youth with digital lessons and videos to supplement their current Gospel Weeklies program. This new technology will enhance their learning experience and make it more engaging and interactive.

Catechumens and candidates at Sacred Heart Church will also benefit from the new technology lab. They will have access to online videos and resources that align with the church’s liturgical calendar of Mass readings and Gospel reflections during on-site classes. This will enhance their learning and understanding of the faith in a modern way, making it more accessible and relatable to them.

By Riley Johnson

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